An all-in-one digital platform for STEM labs





An all-in-one digital platform for STEM labs

With software tools designed specifically for labs, LabRight is ideal for pre-, in-, and post-labs, and for use with hybrid, virtual and face-to-face classes; you decide how much and where to implement digital. LabRight is easily integrated into an LMS for a seamless experience and customizable to match course outcomes.

No more going it on your own and spending your valuable time piecing a solution together. We are your partner before and during the term to coordinate all as­pects of your course, including LMS integration, in LabRight and to support instructors and students.

  • Students arrive better prepared for lab
  • The automatic grading feature frees up instructor’s time

  • Class sections are more uniform

  • Opportunities for cheating are curtailed

  • Students are actively involved in learning, leading to better retention

  • Actionable course metrics are available in real time

To learn more how LabRight is more powerful than your LMS check out:

LabRight A&P
Labright Biology
LabRight Chemistry

In addition to being affordable, engaging and easy to use, LabRight also offers:

  • LMS integration

  • Print options

  • Study tools

  • Quizzing/testing

  • Responsiveness
  • Database of labs

  • Auto-grading

  • Dedicated support

  • Specific course tools

  • Document uploading

  • Integrated media

  • 20+ assessment types

  • Customization
  • Royalties

  • Training

  • Word processing editor

  • Narrated slide shows

Also integrated in LabRight:

  • Graphing & plotting

  • Image annotation

  • Aggregated class data

  • Tables with variable grading
  • Chemistry editor

  • Virtual labs

  • Data recording tools

  • 3D models and simulations

Labright A&P

Organizing and managing an A&P lab has become more challenging in a pandemic environment. With a myriad of resources available, it can be difficult to understand how to coordinate it all and then how to organize it in a way that is engaging and easy to maintain and promotes active learning.

That’s why with LabRight A&P we go beyond providing the lab essentials. In addition to a hybrid manual ready for use (learn more), we have customizable 3D models and simulations, slides, images, a database of labs, pools of questions, and different assessment types. We don’t leave it up to you to stitch your lab together; you have done enough of that.

New! Ask us about how we can add histology or virtual dissections to any 3D model!

To see how it all works, check out this short video:

LabRight Biology

LabRight Biology is perfect for all three parts of the lab: pre, in, and post. Students are assessed and automatically graded on their specific data. Post-lab is perfect for calculations and reports, and our auto-grading and essay-assist tools can drastically cut down on the time instructors spend grading.

Additional LabRight Biology features:

  • After being assessed on their own data and calculations, individual lab data is aggregated and displayed for the entire class to analyze.

  • Integrated graphing tool eliminates the need for students to learn Excel or Google Sheets.

Use as little or as much digital as you want and combine with print if that’s the best route for your course. However you mix it, a project manager will make sure it works perfectly and integrates into your LMS. No more headaches managing your lab alone – just complete solutions that make the digital experience right for your course.