An all-in-one digital platform for STEM labs





An all-in-one digital platform for STEM labs

With software tools designed specifically for labs, LabRight is ideal for pre-, in-, and post-labs, and for use with hybrid, virtual and face-to-face classes; you decide how much and where to implement digital. LabRight is easily integrated into an LMS for a seamless experience and customizable to match course outcomes.

No more going it on your own and spending your valuable time piecing a solution together. We are your partner before and during the term to coordinate all as­pects of your course, including LMS integration, in LabRight and to support instructors and students.

  • Students arrive better prepared for lab
  • The automatic grading feature frees up instructor’s time

  • Class sections are more uniform

  • Opportunities for cheating are curtailed

  • Students are actively involved in learning, leading to better retention

  • Actionable course metrics are available in real time

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In addition to being affordable, engaging and easy to use, LabRight also offers:

  • LMS integration

  • Print options

  • Study tools

  • Quizzing/testing

  • Responsiveness
  • Database of labs

  • Auto-grading

  • Dedicated support

  • Specific course tools

  • Document uploading

  • Integrated media

  • 20+ assessment types

  • Customization
  • Royalties

  • Training

  • Word processing editor

  • Narrated slide shows

Also integrated in LabRight:

  • Graphing & plotting

  • Image annotation

  • Aggregated class data

  • Tables with variable grading
  • Chemistry editor

  • Virtual labs

  • Data recording tools

  • 3D models and simulations